Mr. Eric Joel

 Mr Joel always has had a deep interest in mathematics and computing science since a young age, eventually earning a degree in both from Simon Fraser University. After spending a few years as a tutor and teaching assistant, he moved to the UK to teach Computing at a GCSE level (General Certificate of Standard Education) and Information Communication Technology for Key Stage 3 (Gr 7 to 9).

Currently he is teaching Pre-Calculus 12 and Calculus 12.

Additionally, he is an avid chess player and is always happy to sit down to a game. Like a sphinx, he is always ready with a puzzle and is delighted when he hears a new one.


Course Syllabus:

Calculus 12 Course Outline WIN 2020

Statistics 12 Course Outline WIN 2020

Pre-Calculus 12 Course Outline WIN 2020