Mr. Eric Joel

 Mr Joel always has had a deep interest in mathematics and computing science since a young age, eventually earning a degree in both from Simon Fraser University. After spending a few years as a tutor and teaching assistant, he moved to the UK to teach Computing at a GCSE level (General Certificate of Standard Education) and Information Communication Technology for Key Stage 3 (Gr 7 to 9). Upon returning to Canada, he taught Pre-Calculus 12, Calculus 12 and Science 10.

His current endeavors have him teaching Calculus 12, Information Technology 10, and Pre-Calculus 11 where he can’t wait to share his experience, hoping to spark the next generation on the path to literacy with mathematics and computing.

Additionally, he is an avid chess player and is always happy to sit down to a game. Like a sphinx, he is always ready with a puzzle and is delighted when he hears a new one.


Course Outlines:

Information Technology 10 Fall 2018

Calculus 12 Fall 2018

Pre-Calculus 10 Fall 2018