Mr. Tobin Sheldon

Mr. Sheldon earned his degrees in Astrophysics and Education from the University of Alberta. He has been teaching all levels of Science and Math for over 6 years. He is passionate about the sciences and hands-on experiments. He can often be found putting together an interesting experiment, or working on a do-it-yourself project.

Mr. Sheldon is also passionate about bicycles. He has completed many long-distance bicycle trips, including across Canada, the Pacific Coast, Mexico, and Europe. His passions also extend to art, music, and climbing. Come see Mr. Sheldon for a game of Chess, or to make something on his 3D printer.


Chemistry 12 Syllabus Winter 2022

Science 10 Syllabus Winter 2022

Chemistry 11 Syllabus Winter 2022

Calculus 12 Syllabus Winter 2022